Fantasy Sports App Creator Frank Provenzano Was a Rare NHL Bird

Although most sports fans may not be familiar with the name Frank Provenzano, his influence on the fantasy sports industry is immeasurable. Provenzano, a former NHL executive who became an entrepreneur, played a crucial role in revolutionizing the fantasy sports market by developing some of the first online platforms for the genre and inventing fresh game genres that are still well-liked today.

Early Career and Creation of Fantasy Sports Apps

Provenzano got his start in the sports business as an assistant to the general manager of the New York Rangers in the NHL. Later, he worked as a player agent, settling contracts for NHL players. He developed an interest in fantasy sports at this time and began participating in several leagues. With a few pals, he co-founded CDM Sports in 1991 to create the first online fantasy sports platform.

The business’s first offering was a baseball game, rapidly becoming well-liked by players. Soon after starting their business, Provenzano and his group included fantasy sports for basketball, hockey, and other sports. They also launched Salary Cap-based games, which gave fantasy sports a new dimension of strategy and realism.

Accomplishments and Awards

The industry-recognized Provenzano’s contributions to fantasy sports. He was listed by Fantasy Sports Magazine as one of the “25 Most Powerful People in Fantasy Sports” in 2003. In 2011, he was also admitted to the Fantasy Sports Hall of Fame.


The impact of Provenzano’s legacy on the fantasy sports market is substantial. His early efforts contributed to building fantasy sports websites that are now widely used. In addition, he pioneered brand-new gaming genres like salary cap-based games and daily fantasy sports, which are still well-liked today.

The fantasy sports market is still developing and innovating today. The emergence of mobile technology, augmented reality, and blockchain has given developers and business owners many new options to create innovative new fantasy sports experiences. The pioneering work of Provenzano in this field continues to this day, serving as an example to new innovators.


Frank Provenzano was an exceptional player in the NHL, but his contributions to the fantasy sports industry cannot be emphasized. His contributions laid the groundwork for the modern enterprise, and they will be felt for many years.

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