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About Frank Provenzano
Frank Provenzano spent 17 years in NHL front offices with three different teams (Vancouver, Washington & Dallas) where his responsibilities included player evaluation, recruitment & management, contract negotiations and salary cap compliance. In his almost two decades in the NHL, there wasn’t a management issue that Frank didn’t come across, as he personally negotiated over 500 NHL player contracts and helped steer organizations from the depths of bankrupt owners all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals.
NHL Experience

Vancouver Canucks

Scouting Co-ordinator

Developed ‘Stanley’ – Canucks’ 1st
scouting database & management interface

Washington Capitals

Assistant General Manager

Stanley Cup Finalists – 1998

Dallas Stars

Assistant General Manager

Western Conference Finalists – 2008

Media Experience
Frank has appeared on numerous media outlets, bringing his expansive front office Point of View to a wide range of sports topics, teams and players. By combining his experience in management, his interest in analytics, and his passion for emerging technology and innovation, Frank brings a unique voice to the sports conversation.
About Team FANSeye

Megan Considine

Director of Marketing

“DATA. DATA. DATA. FANSeye is a social media platform that will capture information on a highly engaged and highly sought after market segment- sports fans.”

Previously Managing Director, Mobile & New Digital Products
The New York Times

Brenna Mason

Social Media Co-ordinator

“Fan engagement through technology is the future of Sports, and FANSeye is taking the initiative in making that future a reality”

Graduate Student
School of Sports Management – SMU

Mike Hume

Advisory Board

“In my world, opinions and lists drive audience engagement. FANSeye’s structural design will provide an endless supply of the type of content that drives the sports conversation.”

National Digital Sports Editor
The Washington Post

John Vidalin

Advisory Board

“FANSeye has real partnership potential, particularly in the area of corporate sponsorships. A platform that both drives engagement and identifies user preferences has all kinds of activation possibilities.”

Chief Sales Officer
Miami Heat, NBA

Alex Goligoski

Advisory Board

“In addition to being a professional athlete, I am a huge fantasy sports player. When I tested the MLB version of FANSeye, I saw it as a great roster decision tool for daily fantasy gamers”

Arizona Coyotes – NHL

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